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Individual and group wellness services are designed to help you balance and thrive; at work and at home. Individual wellness services include coaching and consultation services, and are usually delivered one-to-one, by phone.

The “Taking Care of Me” employee workshop series are evidence-based group wellness services that are delivered by an experienced facilitator/content expert. Topics relate to health & wellness, career and work, and relationships and family. Sessions require a manager consultation as your first step, and then are customized for your team.

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Eldercare Coaching

Provides support and guidance to assist you in managing the challenges that arise from caring for an aging parent.

Emotional Coaching

Goal-based, one-to-one supportive coaching to manage personal and workplace issues.

Financial Consultation

One-to-one consultations, by phone or in-person, to help you create a "financial prescription" to address debt repayment, retirement, and savings planning.

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Legal Consultation

A free, 30-60 minute legal consultation. One per year/employee. Note: does not include consultation in the areas of labour or employment law.

Health Coaching

A step-by-step “inside out” approach, to motivate and empower you to embrace a holistic wellness philosophy that may include weight loss, increased energy and improved self-confidence.

Parent Coaching

Tools and strategies to help you manage challenging situations, and improve your parent-child relationships with children of all ages.



Health & Wellness

Making the Best of Stress

Moving Mindfully

Resilience & Stress Hardiness

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Busy People

Career & Work

ASSERT Training

Clients in Distress: How to Recognize, Respond & Refer

Cultivating Compassion Resilience

Dealing with Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Doing Conflict Better

Mindful Communication

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills

Support to the Front Lines

The EQ Effect

Relationships & Family

Estate Planning 101: Do I Really Need a Will?

Financial Literacy 101

Managing Money Stress

Mindful Parenting

Retirement Readiness & Pensions: When Can I retire?

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