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Self-care is

What? A VCH-wide wellness challenge - an interactive way to encourage self-care and wellbeing while rewarding you for doing so! Find one habit and put it into practice for one week. Be sure to capture your progress with before/after comments and / or photos and share with us online (email/social media).

Who? For ALL Vancouver Coastal Health Staff

Where? Across VCH

When? June 21st to September 5th, 2019

Please see our Poster to share. Speak with your team or colleagues that might be interested in practicing self-care, inspire others to do the same, and win some great wellness prizes along the way!

The instructions are simple:

1. Choose a self-care habit
2. Get support from a buddy/team
3. Practice it consistently
(i.e. daily for a week, every other day for a month, weekly for the summer)
4. Share to win!

For more information, please email us at

Self-care Ideas

Take a break when you need it

Ask three good friends/colleagues to give your positive feedback and savor it

Laugh heartily at least once a day

Practicing saying, "I will get back to you," rather than "yes"

No more than 21 grams of sugar a day

Take a break from social media

Daily obscure group gratitude list of 10 e.g., I am grateful for post it notes

Meditate or do deep breathing for five minutes daily

Tidy up

Drink decaf

Park an extra five minute walk away from your office

Challenge your negative thinking

Fix a small annoyance that's been bothering you

Do the thing you have been procrastinating

Make an uplifting or motivating playlist and listen to it daily

Take a 45 second group pause before starting team meetings for increased productivity

Daily, take a moment to name your emotions without judging them

How Do I Win?

Monthly prizes will be awarded to the most creative display of your "before and after" shots.

Each time you practice your habit - share it with us!

Each "share" will be entered into the final draw of great wellness prizes. Prizes like Bluetooth speakers, Fitbits, Starbucks/Freshii gift cards and more!

Need more ideas? Follow us on social media. Find out more at or email us at with your questions.